Chief Pilot

Mr. Geng is Amber Aviation’s Chief Pilot, responsible for pilot recruitment and day‐to-­day management and training. An experienced pilot with 20 years of experience flying commercial jets, Mr. Geng possesses four types of Pilot License for business aircraft. In addition, he has over 12 years of pilot management experience and set up and overseen a stringent pilot examination and assessment system.

Before joining Amber Aviation, Mr. Geng was chief pilot at Business Aviation Asia Limited from 2006 to 2016 and was at the same time responsible for managing over 110 pilots. Mr. Geng began his career as a pilot when he joined Shenzhen Air in 2001.

Management Team

With over 30 years of experience in the civil aviation sector, the management team of Amber Aviation fully understands the entire business aviation industry chain and how to operate safely and efficiently. Strong links have been forged with the CAAC and Chinese military, and broad collaboration with commercial entities have been established.

The management team has founded a business jet company, which subsequently developed into the largest business jet management company in the Asia Pacific. Several milestones have been reached, including: the only management firm in China to operate in four different aircraft registration, successfully operated over 22,000 flights with a total flight time of 49,000 hours, and having operated with a remarkable record of having zero incident during this period.

Close collaboration between team members fostering a strong and productive working relationship

With more than 10 years of experience in operating business jet services, the management team each has a wealth of experience in their specialised area. Through sharing a common goal and vision, and with team members who are confident, pragmatic, and not afraid of being a pioneer in the industry, an exceptionally strong team spirit has been developed.