Amber Aviation was founded in February 2017 with headquarter in Shenzhen, China, branches office in Beijing and Shanghai and wholly owned subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Macau.

Adhering to the service values of ‘bespoke, flexibility, expertise and transparency’, Amber Aviation provides a one-stop service platform for aircraft management, operating license consultation, aircraft maintenance, aircraft trading, etc. We are committed to continually redefining and delivering a highly bespoke experience.

Amber Aviation was established by experts in the aviation sector who have a wealth of experience in business jet service. The management team and its core team members all have over 10 years of service and management experience. We provide our customers with a bespoke business jet service that is on par with international standards, and rigorous safety procedures and a highly personalised inflight experience.

Vision & Mission

Vision: To be Asia’s most trusted business jet partner – recognised for providing unparalleled flexibility and personalisation in business aviation services.

Mission: Our mission is best served by our people – capturing the best DNA in business aviation services.

Our Values

At Amber our purpose is to make business aviation simple, efficient and stress-free, thus maximising return on our clients’ most valuable asset – their time.


We listen to our customers’ needs and maximise their right to speak and choose. We strive to redefine and deliver highly personalised business jet service.


We set new standards in safety, simplicity and streamlined services to make sure our customers get ultimate flexibility and unprecedented value.


Whether in the international or domestic market, experts with years of experience in the field are in high demand. Amber Aviation has captured the best experts in the business aviation field, who have brought with them the latest industry knowledge and rich practical experience. Also, we are backed by proven resources and connections which allow us to deliver a better and smarter service.


Operating transparently is how we repay the trust and respect of our customers. We stand firm on transparent operations and offer our customers the most competitive cost and value.


Most recent Earliest

Expanding company-operated fleet to 20 aircraft, making Amber Aviation one of the largest business jet operators in Asia Pacific

Granted IS-BAO Stage III


Built up and expanded company-operated aircraft fleet

Launch a new sub-brand AmberNet


Obtained San Marino Air Operator Certificate

Recognized as one of top 10 operators in the Asia Pacific region

July 2020

Granted IS-BAO Stage II

Obtain BCAA OTAR 145 AMO & OTAR 39 CAMO approval


Continue to be reelected as one of the fasting growing operator in Asia Pacific Region


Recognized as one of the fasting growing operator in the Asia Pacific Region

November 2018

Obtained Cayman Island OTAR 145 maintenance approval

Acquired the first Aruba registered aircraft into the management fleet

September 2018

Acquired the first San Marino registered aircraft into the management fleet

May 2018

Acquired the first Cayman Island registered aircraft into the management fleet

April 2018

Obtained Joint Maintenance Management (JMM) certification approval

September 2017

Acquired the first US registered aircraft into the management fleet

International business aviation standard (IS-BAO) stage 1 is obtained

September 2017

Successfully passes stage I of the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO)

August 2017

Obtained CCAR 135 operating certificate and CCAR 145 maintenance certificate

July 2017

Acquired the first Chinese registered aircraft into the management fleet

June 2017

Obtain Air Operator’s Certificate

February 2017

Amber Aviation officially incorporated

Amber Aviation’s management team

Amber Aviation’s team brings with them a history of firsts and a spirit of ingenuity and customer innovation which is widely recognised within the industry.

Meet our management team