Through daily maintenance, we ensure your planes are in optimal condition at all times

Maintenance engineering management

Daily aircraft maintenance is a complex undertaking; hence, scientific engineering management is essential. Amber Aviation has devised a complete aircraft maintenance engineering system, which is a top-­tier service for all mainstream business aircraft. The system effectively controls the maintenance cost at the same time.

Maintenance support service

Each of Amber Aviation’s engineers has 10 to 20 years of aircraft maintenance experience, gained in international markets such as China, the U.S., Cayman Islands, etc. We can provide daily maintenance for various aircraft models, ensuring your aircraft are in an optimum condition at all times.

Supported aircraft

We support the following mainstream aircraft:

Spare parts management service

Spare parts management is vital to the normal operation of aircraft. Leveraging our efficient spare parts management system and warehouses situated in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, Amber Aviation exercises effective control over such aspects as ordering, repair, claims, transport, customs clearance and storing, ensuring all registered aircraft are operating normally.


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